I am so excited to report that my work has been accepted by as original pieces for sale. Additionally, two paintings were featured in their collections! 

reef #2 is being featured in their Blue, Best of Abstract, and Earthy Collections, AND deep waves is making an appearance in their Seascapes, Blue and Texture Collections!

This feels big to me, it feels like validation that I can actually sell my work to a larger audience, and that it's worthwhile. I love what I create, I put so much passion into my work in order to make something beautiful, something that takes your mind off of the everyday so that you can find some peace in something beautiful. That is why I'm inspired by breathtaking places and moments, and especially why I find myself drawn to water. Lake Michigan's shore and beaches in Chicago are absolutely my favorite places in the world. I am inspired to create from each visit I take. Having the validation that my beautiful moments can be appreciated by others is major for me. I am so excited. 

Please check me out on Vango Art. They're amazing and allow artists to sale their original works to a much broader audience than they could have reached otherwise.