Last weekend, I moved into my studio at the Chicago Art Department as a part of their Resident Artist program. I am so excited about this opportunity because ultimately, I think it will give me a sense of community.

I've struggled making friends in Chicago, and I've struggled feeling that sense of community that I had in Kentucky. Since I've started painting again, I've talked to a couple of artists from Louisville, but meeting artists and non-artists in the city has not been easy. I think it's typically just more difficult to make friends as an adult in a new city- especially when you're as introverted as I am. But I know that I need a community, I need friends, and I need people to learn from. Having other artists to learn from is so valuable to me, because honestly, I don't really know what the hell I'm doing. I have no idea how to put on a show, or come up with an idea for an exhibit, or how to be a part of any of it. When I do get to talk to other artists, I always leave inspired- to try a new technique, or use different materials, or push my work in some other way. It happens every single time I spend time talking to another artist.

I'm so excited about the opportunity to work in my own community, I'm excited to meet creative, amazing people here, and I'm excited about all the things that I know I'll learn from this experience.

PS- after talking to another resident artist at CAD last weekend, I wanted to experiment with Ampersand gessobord. It was SO FUN to paint on- it's so smooth, and doesn't soak up the paint in the way that canvas does. Blending on gessobord isn't as easy as blending oil paint on canvas, but you can achieve texture easily. I love it. 

thick.. 8 x 10 oil paint on gessobord.